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10 Steps to make your content to be SEO Friendly

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Building organic traffic to your website is what a person knows even little about digital marketing dreams far. Actually, it is not the toughest like counting the stars in the dark sky.

The simple way to achieve this is by following certain tactics to trick Google to think your content in your pages to be high-quality SEO friendly one.

Steps to make your content to be SEO Friendly

  1. Match Your Content Idea to the most searchable phrase in Google.
  2. Always use the keyword planner to get the list of most searchable words related to your key area and try to use it in the content.
  3. Always be aware to have a look at the content of your competitor and examine for what they are ranking better than you.
  4. Never forget to put the keywords in the prominent places of your content.
  5. Use the semantic analysis to tackle the Google expectations and give your content as the result in response to the search query.
  6. Use the tools that are available online to analyze your existing content to identify areas of improvement.
  7. Especially when you write blogs, think before you write and develop a structure for your blog in a definite manner.
  8. Do not forget to get your content lost in the pool of information use the definite keywords wisely and never forget to share them in different media for user access.
  9. Once your content goes live never forget to make them mobile friendly too.
  10. Once you made the content for your website never ever leave it as such try to add some new content regularly for the better ranking.

Always remember “ content is not only the king to rule it is the kingdom to be maintained”.To know more tactics related to digital marketing never forget to reach us.

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